Step-by-step instructions for participating in the Rate a Read Site

1.  In lower left corner, click on the Register link

2.  Fill out registration information, then check your email for a password

3.  Go to lower left corner, log in and change your password to something you’ll remember

4.  Choose a book from the list and read it.  Then click on the link associated with the book

5.  Rate the book, and click on the “I Read It” button to earn a badge

6.  Make a comment, and get another badge

7.  Go above and beyond:  visit the author’s website; recommend or pan the book on social media; write some fan fiction

8.  Click on the “Above and Beyond” button and get another badge

9.  1-9 books:  1 bronze badge for each category; 10-23 books:  1 silver badge for each category; all 24 books:  1 gold badge for each category

All participants will automatically be entered into a drawing for a Kindle!


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